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I generally don’t consider myself an impulsive person. I kind of like predictability in my life. Some might describe me as a little type A personality. I have routines and like to stick to them. But then I hear of … Continue reading

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Untidy house = untidy mind

So I have some random thoughts running through my head that I’d thought I’d share. Looking around my house this past Thursday, I know I’ve totally fallen off the tidy house wagon. I’m not sure when that wagon took off … Continue reading

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First days….

September always begins with a sense of anticipation. The evenings start to get cooler (finally), some maples are showing flashes of orange, and a new school year begins. The warm lethargy of summer is replaced by a sense of purpose. … Continue reading

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Saturday night

I’m quickly sweeping the front steps and patio. I heave the hose out of the hose┬áreel and water the flower pots, run down to the garage to put away a bicycle, see that wilted state of my hydrangea because of … Continue reading

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