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Small moments

Sometimes the moments just come when you’re least expecting it. I call it harmony -when  all the parts are working together to create a beautiful song.  And watching that moment makes a feeling well up inside that is joyous and … Continue reading

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Old friends

It’s funny how you slide back into conversation so easily with friends from long ago. You may not have seen them in fifteen years, and there you are, picking up like it was yesterday. The friendships you made when you … Continue reading

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things I learned while my dh was away

My dh (dear husband) was away all of last week. I always dislike his time away from the family, although it only occurs about four times a year. This was a longer trip than normal, but not as bad as … Continue reading

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14 years….

That’s how long it’s been…. I can’t believe how time flies.  I am so thankful God provided me with this wonderful man.  I always tell him that I know I got the better end of the deal. 😉

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Why family vacations are more than just vacations

A couple weeks ago we came back from our biannual BIG- clan family vacation. What a great time we had! The weather wasn’t perfect – except for the windsurfers. The accommodations were a little rustic, the travel to get there … Continue reading

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So, I have been absent for quite awhile!  Here’s my very legitimate excuse:       And this is just my family….  no aunts and uncles and cousins on this picture 🙂   Good times were had by all.  Maybe … Continue reading

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These pictures made me smile… Sometimes we need some visual reminders that we’re all family in this our Brightwood Cottage, and we all love each other dearly.               Just a reminder to you all … Continue reading

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