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Over rated and under rated

This month celebrated a holiday fraught with expectations and disappointments. Of course I am talking about Valentines Day. When I was young and single, I would dream of a perfect date hitting all the right notes… candle lit ambiance, a … Continue reading

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Time on your own

Annika started Pre-K in September which means she attends school two mornings a week. This is just a small introduction to school but a nice way to get ready for the next school year when she will go three full … Continue reading

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Of blogging and such

So at the end of the year WordPress sends out a report sharing various statistics about one’s blog. It confirmed for me what I knew already.  This past year I have not been very active compared to the previous years. … Continue reading

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Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my two little companions during the day!  These two girls keep our home lively, and each other happy. It has been so nice to see how much fun Eliza and Annika can have together. Annika is a … Continue reading

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May and June are full of birthdays and other celebrations. Jeremy’s 8th birthday came first, then Taylor’s 11th, and Katrina’s 13th birthday. I often feel like all I’m doing is making birthday cakes and cupcakes for a month. Fortunately Katrina … Continue reading

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What makes me happy

I discovered a little surprise the other morning. It made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  A brother making his little sister happy…. I heard them going up the stairs, thump, thump, thump.  That night I grumbled … Continue reading

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Too many pics

Eliza is now 5 1/2 months and becoming a real character.  She’s growing steadily, and has reached a whopping 13 pounds! We enjoy her so much and get all excited when she develops a new skill.  So here are too … Continue reading

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Small moments

Sometimes the moments just come when you’re least expecting it. I call it harmony -when  all the parts are working together to create a beautiful song.  And watching that moment makes a feeling well up inside that is joyous and … Continue reading

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Old friends

It’s funny how you slide back into conversation so easily with friends from long ago. You may not have seen them in fifteen years, and there you are, picking up like it was yesterday. The friendships you made when you … Continue reading

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things I learned while my dh was away

My dh (dear husband) was away all of last week. I always dislike his time away from the family, although it only occurs about four times a year. This was a longer trip than normal, but not as bad as … Continue reading

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