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Grace full parenting

I’ve been thinking about kids and the stages of life you go through as a parent. I know when I was in the “littles” stage, it felt relentless, the giving, and caring and stumbling through the day deprived of sleep. … Continue reading

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Cold wind

A cold wind blew in this weekend. It was so warm and sunny Friday…. almost made you think it was summer. We had cake and coffee for Annika’s birthday on the porch – no coats. But it wasn’t summer…. and … Continue reading

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I hear her crying for Mommy and stumble out of bed. A quick rock and back rub and I’ll be back in the arms of morpheus. She kicks her legs, wiggles in my arms, restless yet tired. I’m glad I … Continue reading

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The STUFF of families

This past July there was a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2012) about the results of a study by the University of California.  Anthropologists studied 32 middle class LA families and their “material culture”, that … Continue reading

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First days….

September always begins with a sense of anticipation. The evenings start to get cooler (finally), some maples are showing flashes of orange, and a new school year begins. The warm lethargy of summer is replaced by a sense of purpose. … Continue reading

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Why family vacations are more than just vacations

A couple weeks ago we came back from our biannual BIG- clan family vacation. What a great time we had! The weather wasn’t perfect – except for the windsurfers. The accommodations were a little rustic, the travel to get there … Continue reading

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My non-Pintrest 4th of July

I’m on Better Homes and Garden’s email list, so I get updates regularly showing pretty before and afters, cool gardening ideas, color schemes for your rooms and lots of quick and easy cooking recipes.  The last few updates have been … Continue reading

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