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Of blogging and such

So at the end of the year WordPress sends out a report sharing various statistics about one’s blog. It confirmed for me what I knew already.  This past year I have not been very active compared to the previous years. … Continue reading

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Loving the weather and random thoughts on grocery shopping

We are having a warm spell here… it’s been in the mid seventies for a couple of days. How nice to be able to sit outside again! And has anyone noticed that if you kept your flowering plants alive during … Continue reading

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Fall’s here!

Who’s excited to feel a nip in the air?  Our family just loves Fall. With cooler sunny weather (hurray for mid 70’s) and even cooler nights, I figured I could haul the Autumn decor out of the attic and change … Continue reading

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Baby days

My baby is over six months already!  Imagine growing eight inches in 6 months (she’s 27 inches long) and gaining nine pounds (14 1/2 lbs now).  No wonder babies feed a lot! We’re getting into a rythm these days, and … Continue reading

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Beauty at home

I don’t know about you, but I need to make my surroundings a little prettier, a little more beautiful. When we moved into a new house you would find me whacking some nails into the walls to hang some “art” … Continue reading

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New mercies

Some days you’re just putting one foot ahead of the other. Just do the next thing… don’t stop or you might stop altogether. Not unlike spinning your tires up a snowy hill. If you stop you’re done for. Just move … Continue reading

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New Arrival

Well, I am sure a lot of you have heard, but here is the big announcement: On October 4, at 1:30 am Eliza Renee made her way into the world, weighing 5 lb 13 oz, 18 1/2 inches long. Thanks … Continue reading

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Mixed emotions

Am I allowed to say it out loud?  It feels pretty scary since everyone seems to approach the impending arrival of a new baby one way, and I another…   or perhaps not.  Perhaps we all play the game, smile and … Continue reading

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That golden hour

I don’t want to turn into one of those bloggers who write big apologies after a lengthy absence and promise to be more faithful.  But here I am, feeling slightly foolish for abandoning the blog for half a month while … Continue reading

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Scent and memory

Isn’t it amazing how smell can transport you back to a memory, a feeling, a place in an instant? I’ve read that your sense of smell is the strongest trigger of memory, more than  sight. Today I went for a … Continue reading

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