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I grew up with music always playing in our home. We had a trusty old record player with two brown speakers in our dining room/family room. The open part of our pine hutch was filled with the record player and … Continue reading

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“You don’t match, Mommy” I was informed by Annika. I glanced down at my outfit and thought I didn’t realize there was a rule that you had to match your four year old. “Why don’t I match?”, I asked.  “Well … Continue reading

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Irresistable attraction

My mom-ears hear the sound of water running somewhere. I haven’t seen Annika lately. Hmm…. better investigate. What is there about water that is so attractive to kids? Growing up, my kids love(d) nothing better than to fuss in the … Continue reading

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Baby days

My baby is over six months already!  Imagine growing eight inches in 6 months (she’s 27 inches long) and gaining nine pounds (14 1/2 lbs now).  No wonder babies feed a lot! We’re getting into a rythm these days, and … Continue reading

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First Smiles

Nothing seems more special than your baby’s first smiles. It makes those sleepless nights fade into the background as your baby interacts  with you in such a meaningful way. We’re in love with this little dolly 🙂 ~Lora

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Mixed emotions

Am I allowed to say it out loud?  It feels pretty scary since everyone seems to approach the impending arrival of a new baby one way, and I another…   or perhaps not.  Perhaps we all play the game, smile and … Continue reading

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I am a reader by nature. If there’s nothing better to read, you’ll catch me reading the cereal box in front of me. It’s just a integral part of who I am. I don’t remember not reading although I know … Continue reading

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things I learned while my dh was away

My dh (dear husband) was away all of last week. I always dislike his time away from the family, although it only occurs about four times a year. This was a longer trip than normal, but not as bad as … Continue reading

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Untidy house = untidy mind

So I have some random thoughts running through my head that I’d thought I’d share. Looking around my house this past Thursday, I know I’ve totally fallen off the tidy house wagon. I’m not sure when that wagon took off … Continue reading

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Encouraging play

When I had my first child, it was a bit of an adjustment ~ being home all day. I was used to going out to work everyday, so I would get cabin fever. I’d stop by at my mom’s, or … Continue reading

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