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Scott has been gone on business for a few days. I woke up the other morning to find this list on the counter: Taylor is following in his father’s footsteps; both in helpfulness and the need to write lists. Scott … Continue reading

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Beauty at home

I don’t know about you, but I need to make my surroundings a little prettier, a little more beautiful. When we moved into a new house you would find me whacking some nails into the walls to hang some “art” … Continue reading

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Work with what ya got

That title has terrible grammar doesn’t it?  I got your attention though so now to deal with the title of the post. After our house fire in Feb 2011 we moved into a rental house. We saw God’s wonderful providence, … Continue reading

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Untidy house = untidy mind

So I have some random thoughts running through my head that I’d thought I’d share. Looking around my house this past Thursday, I know I’ve totally fallen off the tidy house wagon. I’m not sure when that wagon took off … Continue reading

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Purge progress

Well, awhile back I did a post on how I wanted to purge my house, get rid of the extraneous, stop organizing stuff and get rid of it instead.  I just wanted to let you know we are slowly but … Continue reading

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I’m starting to feel antsy about the quantity of stuff we have accumulated in our house. Our excuse for many years was that we had to collect stuff for our house project. Hence the toilet in the shed, two sinks … Continue reading

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The STUFF of families

This past July there was a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2012) about the results of a study by the University of California.  Anthropologists studied 32 middle class LA families and their “material culture”, that … Continue reading

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First days….

September always begins with a sense of anticipation. The evenings start to get cooler (finally), some maples are showing flashes of orange, and a new school year begins. The warm lethargy of summer is replaced by a sense of purpose. … Continue reading

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How to host guests- 10 Amazing Tips!

Dear husband and I have been measuring and planning lately.  Nothing is more exciting to me than planning and thinking about renovations (well… a little hyperbole perhaps). You might think I’d be sick of them, but frankly there’s nothing like … Continue reading

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Poll results and a handy-dandy tip

Ok, so my poll was pretty unexciting, but here are the results. 10 in favor of packing up the winter stuff 3 for holding off What I have done so far is wash the snow pants, but left one winter … Continue reading

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