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New mercies

Some days you’re just putting one foot ahead of the other. Just do the next thing… don’t stop or you might stop altogether. Not unlike spinning your tires up a snowy hill. If you stop you’re done for. Just move … Continue reading

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Mixed emotions

Am I allowed to say it out loud?  It feels pretty scary since everyone seems to approach the impending arrival of a new baby one way, and I another…   or perhaps not.  Perhaps we all play the game, smile and … Continue reading

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I am a reader by nature. If there’s nothing better to read, you’ll catch me reading the cereal box in front of me. It’s just a integral part of who I am. I don’t remember not reading although I know … Continue reading

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That golden hour

I don’t want to turn into one of those bloggers who write big apologies after a lengthy absence and promise to be more faithful.  But here I am, feeling slightly foolish for abandoning the blog for half a month while … Continue reading

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Small moments

Sometimes the moments just come when you’re least expecting it. I call it harmony -when  all the parts are working together to create a beautiful song.  And watching that moment makes a feeling well up inside that is joyous and … Continue reading

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Where’s the Christmas story?

Every once and awhile I have the urge to rant about something.  Usually I successfully suppress the urge but today I plan to indulge myself a little.  Have you noticed that it seems to be a long time since you … Continue reading

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Cold wind

A cold wind blew in this weekend. It was so warm and sunny Friday…. almost made you think it was summer. We had cake and coffee for Annika’s birthday on the porch – no coats. But it wasn’t summer…. and … Continue reading

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Be still for the presence of the Lord

When did you last feel you were standing on holy ground when entering the presence of God? Something to think about…. ~Lora

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