Time on your own

Annika started Pre-K in September which means she attends school two mornings a week. This is just a small introduction to school but a nice way to get ready for the next school year when she will go three full days a week. School has been great for Eliza (2) as well. At first she would say ” Pick Annika up?” after Annika had been gone for an hour. Her best friend had left her and she wasn’t sure what to do. It’s been fun to watch her lately though, as she plays happily with all her “babies” on her own. She doesn’t need her older sister to suggest to her what they should play. I overhear her talking to her dolls, and watch her trotting back and forth with blankets and play food, setting up her pretend home in the living room.


Children benefit from time away from their siblings. It gives them a chance to develop their own skills, their own imaginative play. I see a different side of my children when they are on their own, especially when they are young and learning how to play.  It also gives them a chance to interact exclusively with you.  I’ve been enjoying my two mornings a week with Eliza.  It reminds me to make a bigger effort to spend individual time with all my kids.

~ Lora

About Lora

I am a 40 something wife to my patient and talented husband Scott, Mom to my five children (from toddler to teen) and oldest sister to eight siblings. I am interested in too many things, love to read everything around me, and have developed a strong interest in design and renovation along with my husband. I am conservative, Christian, and by the grace of God, trying to find His way through the ups and downs of my life.
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4 Responses to Time on your own

  1. My kids are about the same age as yours. It has been such a great experience for both of them. Being a stay at home dad it was hard to put my daughter in preschool but very happy that I did. I truly love my alone time with my youngest.

  2. Marcia says:

    In a big, busy family like ours, they especially benefit from one-on-one with a parent. Even a trip to Costco can be special. We have both the quiet and talkative sort here, and the quiet ones don’t get a word in edgewise; it’s good for them to have the opportunity to talk. Sometimes a day home sick from school is great, too.

    • Lora says:

      I totally agree with this. Some day I want to expand on this post… when I have time.. ha ha. My older kids miss grocery shopping with me, since I do it with the younger children while they are in school. We do spend some time with each child, each night, putting them (individually) to bed. Even the older ones… but I still think I could do better.

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