“You don’t match, Mommy” I was informed by Annika. I glanced down at my outfit and thought I didn’t realize there was a rule that you had to match your four year old. “Why don’t I match?”, I asked.  “Well you don’t match our family.  All the kids and Daddy have blue eyes and you have green eyes.”  She then proceeded to list everyone in our family.  As she reached the end of the list, her face brightened.  “But you do match, Mommy!  You match Reesey!” (our cat)


IMG_6663 IMG_6666

Phew!  It was awfully good to know that I fit in with the rest of us! 😉

~ Lora

About Lora

I am a 40 something wife to my patient and talented husband Scott, Mom to my five children (from toddler to teen) and oldest sister to eight siblings. I am interested in too many things, love to read everything around me, and have developed a strong interest in design and renovation along with my husband. I am conservative, Christian, and by the grace of God, trying to find His way through the ups and downs of my life.
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1 Response to Matching

  1. Sandra says:

    Hilarious! Gotta love their logic at that age! Just today Eva was telling in all earnesty: “remember, Mom, when you were a baby and you had an owie tummy and you cried and I held you and your owie tummy went away?” I tried reasoning with her that she was the baby and I was the Mommy, but she became a little upset, saying ‘no! I remember when you were a baby!’ Free entertainment 🙂

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