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Play outside!

The weather has been glorious! Nature is God’s canvas showcasing His creative powers.  I do love fall days!  They’re sunny days with blue, blue skies, cool nights and  warm enough days to avoid wearing a coat. The kids have been … Continue reading

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Tidy or not….

I sigh… sometimes it seems endless, this picking up and putting away.  Bits and pieces of Sunday are still dotting the front hall; a beaded purse, aqua knit cap, one boys dress shoe.  It’s Tuesday night and all should be … Continue reading

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I’m starting to feel antsy about the quantity of stuff we have accumulated in our house. Our excuse for many years was that we had to collect stuff for our house project. Hence the toilet in the shed, two sinks … Continue reading

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The STUFF of families

This past July there was a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal (July 7, 2012) about the results of a study by the University of California.  Anthropologists studied 32 middle class LA families and their “material culture”, that … Continue reading

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Streams, creeks and old fashioned fun

There’s something so appealing about a stream flowing along, sparkling in the afternoon sunlight.  On a hot, late summer afternoon, what could be better than sitting on a rock and cooling your feet.  Kids are so very attracted to water.  … Continue reading

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First days….

September always begins with a sense of anticipation. The evenings start to get cooler (finally), some maples are showing flashes of orange, and a new school year begins. The warm lethargy of summer is replaced by a sense of purpose. … Continue reading

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