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Memorial Day

Memorial Day has come and gone.  The kids always look forward to the parade.  Not so much out of patriotism I’m afraid… the candy is a big factor.  This year it was very hot and humid.  It always seems to … Continue reading

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Potatoes and Pound Cake

Sounds like a pretty good combination doesn’t it?  Well,  I wouldn’t eat these together, but they’re both pretty good easy recipes so I’d thought I’d share. I threw these potatoes together the other day and they were delicious.  I used … Continue reading

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Garbage picking – before and afters

Anyone who lives around here (NJ) knows that garbage picking can be very exciting.  Who hasn’t screeched on the brakes at the sight of a big pile of stuff at the end of a driveway?  Especially if you see furniture … Continue reading

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Tickled pink (and purple)

Did you ever notice how many flowers in springtime are pink or purple?  I never really did till today when I was checking out my perennial garden.  Everything in bloom seems to be a shade of purple.  Now if I … Continue reading

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I had forgotten what trouble toddlers get into on a daily basis. Having three kids already I should have remembered. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the litter of a day of play strewn across the whole house. I shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Birthday season and cake tips

Well we’ve entered birthday season in our household. We have three of our kids birthdays in four weeks, so I am always busy with cakes and parties. The system around here is that one year they get a smaller birthday … Continue reading

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Front yard progress Part II

So now we reach the exciting part!  The front yard is actually done (except topsoil, grass seed and a few more shrubs etc.)  The past 7 1/2 years have been a loooong construction story of which I am glad to … Continue reading

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Frontyard progress

Hello all, I should be folding and ironing clothes right now because I am way backed up on laundry.  I have been working on planting flower pots and pruning bushes instead of laundry.  That’s because the front patio is done … Continue reading

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Helping out

Ever notice that kids like to help out when they’re young? Kids like to move along with you, and get involved in what you are doing. I have memories of my sisters and I trying to “sew” doll clothes by … Continue reading

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The need to read

Here’s a confession.  I am a compulsive reader.  I read cereal boxes, directions, catalogs, floor plans  as well as more conventional material.  I have always been this way as far back as I can remember.  Books were my constant companion … Continue reading

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