Roxaboxin’s grand tour continued…

Last post you were introduced to the fine village of Roxaboxin.  Today, a little history and we’ll continue the tour.  Roxaboxin was named after the currency it uses in it’s flourishing economy.  Stones or rocks are used as money.  The larger the rock, the larger the value.  Since stones are readily available in this area, all the inhabitants have enough wealth to be consumers of the products and services available.  Katrina has a sign painting business.  She was recently employed by the town to paint street signs (see previous post for pics).  Taylor has a flourishing carpentry business.  He will gladly make furniture for you, or do repairs on your dwelling.  Jeremy does odd jobs, and also is a street sweeper when the streets become obscured by leaves.  The other children in the neighborhood also employ their various talents to good use.

A fine example of the furniture that Taylor makes.  Wouldn’t you like to relax in this rocking chair?

Now lets go on a tour of some of the homes in this idylic village.

Please come on in…

The kitchen… with a slate tiled floor.

Meatballs anyone?

Dining room… table made by Taylor.

Some storage solutions for Katrina’s home.


Taylor’s fine home in the noveau native american style.

Taylor’s home also has tiled floors.

Another home owned by one of the villagers.  Their fine automobile parked outside, tiled floors as well and a kitchen sink!

If you are invited to Jeremy’s house you will be treated to a feast.

Wouldn’t you want to live here?  Better pick out your plot soon,  there are only a few prime spots left.


About Lora

I am a 40 something wife to my patient and talented husband Scott, Mom to my five children (from toddler to teen) and oldest sister to eight siblings. I am interested in too many things, love to read everything around me, and have developed a strong interest in design and renovation along with my husband. I am conservative, Christian, and by the grace of God, trying to find His way through the ups and downs of my life.
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3 Responses to Roxaboxin’s grand tour continued…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow love the creativity! I’ll have to show this to Silas, he’ll soak up these pictures and run right out the door.

  2. So cute! The imagination of kids is incredible!

  3. Chris Prol says:

    The memories… my sink was my favorite thing in the town

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