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child’s play

I’ve done a bunch of posts on my kids playing in the woods, digging in the dirt, creating new games etc. The reason for this is not that I want to show off my kids and say, “Look everyone, see … Continue reading

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The case against menu planning

Ha! I got your attention didn’t I? All you organized homemakers with menu plans made for the week ahead (based on the sales in your grocery store flier) are just horrified! How to justify not planning your meals! Impossible! (spoken … Continue reading

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Saying good bye

It was very quiet when they left. Annika was napping and I wandered around the house instead of tackling the chores that are ever present. The quiet was good in a way after a busy week of Dad working on … Continue reading

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My American Girl

Who would have thought I’d be living in America, with an American hubby, and four American born children?  When I was a teen I always thought I’d end up marrying a red-neck farmer in southern Ontario, and have to get … Continue reading

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Roxaboxin’s grand tour continued…

Last post you were introduced to the fine village of Roxaboxin.  Today, a little history and we’ll continue the tour.  Roxaboxin was named after the currency it uses in it’s flourishing economy.  Stones or rocks are used as money.  The … Continue reading

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Welcome to Roxaboxin

There’s a little village named Roxaboxin nestled in a valley in New Jersey that has all the charm and amenities one could ever wish for.  The residents are little folk who with their own skill and determination decided to create … Continue reading

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Spring touches

I like to change some of the decor in my house when the seasons change. Because of the house fire last year, most of my seasonal stuff burned. So what a good excuse to get some new things to “spring” … Continue reading

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So I haven’t been a faithful poster lately but I have a good excuse. My sister and her husband and kids came down to NJ this past weekend so we were busy visiting and sightseeing. And this week it’s Spring … Continue reading

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Funny discoveries

When you have kids you find the funniest things in unexpected places.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Anyone want to guess  the reason for the cruel and unusual punishment of this valiant knight? What weird things have you … Continue reading

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Do it yourself

I’ve figured out a way to get things done …. do-it-yourself.  Ladies, if you want something to be done around the house, if you want a project to begin, if you want a project to end, just roll up your … Continue reading

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