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Hair tales

Are you one of those sentimental moms who don’t cut their children’s hair forever?  Then this post is not for you.  While I like to think I am a little sentimental, when it comes to my babies hair I am brutally … Continue reading

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How the years fly by and green grass

I just saw some old pictures on our screen saver. It only seems a couple of years ago when our children were just little kids. In all the busyness of life, don’t wish away the early years. They are precious … Continue reading

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A Taste of Spring

This past week we had some glorious warm days and it looks like next week will beautiful as well. Are you all hankering for spring? I sure am. I found some old pictures of the gardens and flowers around our … Continue reading

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Old paths

Isn’t it so much fun to see your kids doing something you once enjoyed as a child? Yesterday the weather was just balmy for March. It hit 74 F and the kids were off from school.  After a stint of … Continue reading

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A place for everything….

Do you ever look longingly at these super organized homes pictured in home magazines?  The January issues are usually the worst.  All about purging, and organizing and such cute pictures of matching bins, with clever tags dangling from them.  You … Continue reading

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To play or not to play

A topic of discussion amongst my siblings has been playing games with your spouse.  No not head games (we are all beyond such juvenile stuff)  I mean board games, card games.. whatever.  Some of us have come to the unfortunate … Continue reading

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I have debated, thought about, hankered for and generally worried over this potential blog like a dog worries his bone.  But today I took the plunge.  What drove me to it is the experience of writing a huge comment on … Continue reading

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